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Wtorek, 12 listopada 2019
13:30 Now That We've Incentivized Sociopaths... Guess What Happens Next
13:09 Mass Chemical Attack On School In China Leaves 54 Injured, Mostly Children
12:52 A Correction Is Coming, Just Don't Tell The Bulls...Yet
12:34 Futures Frozen Ahead Of Widely Expected Trump Trade Speech
12:05 World's Ultra-Rich Preparing For Market Crash, UBS Warns
11:00 Trump Expected To Delay Decision On EU Auto Tariffs
10:30 White Helmets 'MI-6 Co-Founder' Found Dead In Turkey
10:05 The Death Throes Of A Party: Is Pelosi Planning To Shaft Schiff?
10:00 Is The ECB Pricing Investors Out Of The Primary Market?
09:15 Greece, China Sign 16 Belt And Road Deals To Open New Superhighway
08:30 Farage's "Big Ask" May Save Brexit As Johnson Concedes
07:45 The Country Using The Most Electricity May Surprise You
07:00 Turkey's Other Weapon Against The Kurds: Water
04:45 Global Proxy War Escalates: "Destabilizing Operation" Sends Bolivia Into Political Chaos
04:25 "We've Had Fires Since Time Began": Australia Deputy PM Slams "Enlightened, Woke Capital-City Greenies"
04:05 Will Julian Assange Die In Prison?
03:45 India's Factory Output And Electricity Demand Plunge To Decade Lows Amid Economic Downturn
03:25 America Needs A War On Waste - 100 Examples Of Federal Taxpayer Abuse
03:05 Jimmy Carter Hospitalized For Brain Surgery
02:45 'Solutions Are Obvious' - The US Higher Education System Is Broken
02:25 Bay Area Home Prices Continue Slide, Peak Is likely In 
02:05 Citing "Gun Violence", UVA Cancels 21-Gun-Salute Portion Of Veterans Day Ceremony
01:45 President Xi Reiterates Combat-Readiness, Says Army Needs to Be "Powerful As Tigers"
01:25 Are You Ready For A Catastrophically Cold Winter? Here's What The Mainstream Media Won't Tell You...
01:05 CLO Slump Sparks Warning: "There's More Volatility Coming"